slogan_witThe Rotterdam Science Tower is a centre of science, innovation and entrepreneuring with five unique features.


Rotterdam embraces a new sector in the city: that of innovative medical activity. The heart of all of these activities is the Rotterdam Science Tower. In a central location in the city, Rotterdam Science Tower is optimally equipped to play a leading role in the expansion of medical expertise in the world. The partners in the Rotterdam Science Tower are companies working in the international life sciences sector, medical start-ups and spinoffs from Erasmus University Rotterdam.


Rotterdam Science Tower satisfies all national and international standards and requirements that apply to the establishment of laboratories, including:

• ML II (Dutch standard)

• BSL II (International standard)

• FDA (American approval)


LabHotel is a concept that enables researchers and companies to make use of laboratory facilities. These “turn-key” laboratories are flexible for short and longer periods available. The labs are Biological Safety Level II (BSL2) prepared and equipped with all necessary permits. The labs, eventual in combination with the use of office(s), are available including standard facilities. All additional supplies are “a la carte” available through the turn-key menu. All labs are equipped with heating, air conditioning, hot and cold running water, demineralized water, process water, natural gas, carbon dioxide, compressed air and laboratory table with storage cabinets.


Safety is guaranteed in the Rotterdam Science Tower. The premises meet the highest safety requirements in every respect. Camera systems monitor the building’s main doors, the entrance to the parking garage and the delivery entrance. The reception staff keep a close eye on the monitors. They also operate the gate. An audio system provides the option to communicate with surveillance. During office hours, Rotterdam Science Tower is freely accessible. If you wish to work outside office hours, that can also be arranged, in consultation with the surveillance team, of course. This allows you access to your areas 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Rotterdam Science Tower is also a place for students. The Startup Campus was founded to support activity and knowledge transfer in the area of Life Sciences, health care and ICT. The formula brings together the well-developed entrepreneurship programmes of EUR and a new methodology and physical location. The goal of Startup Campus is to care for new, quickly growing companies, by providing optimum support for future entrepreneurs as they begin and grow their innovative company. Zadkine training centre is part of ROC Zadkine. The location in RST accommodates the laboratory technology programme.

Rotterdam Science Tower

Het Europoint-complex in Rotterdam-West, gebouwd door Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, is uitgegroeid tot een internationaal brandpunt van innovatie en ondernemerschap.


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